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A brief history

The Travelman was incorporated in Canada, May 1 1978. The original directors, who were both friends and family, wanted to provide a full service luggage and leathergoods store along with knowledgeable staff to help people project their travel needs before they arise.
The Travelman consists of four retail outlets in Southern Alberta in Canada, and a Warehouse that is used, not only to feed the retail locations, but also to service the Internet segment of the market.
The Travelmans interest in the Internet market originated from its location in relation to its United States neighbors, (70 miles away) and Canada’s low dollar compared to the U.S. This has enticed U.S. shoppers to shop Canada.
We have many people to thank for our many years of success in the luggage and leathergoods business. We are looking forward to our relationship with DataBoss Inc. "Internet Solutions Provider" to launch The Travelman into its third year of Warehouse Direct Service with a system much easier to use and maintain than our first.

Thank you for making The Travelman Warehouse Direct your choice for quality merchandise and service.

Richard J. Smerek

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